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Orbit Private Lesson Agreement

Orbit Private Lessons
Billing and Attendance Policies 2023

Thank you for choosing Orbit for your place of study in private voice, piano, dance, and acting. We consider it a great privilege to be entrusted with the talents and growth of each student and look forward to the year ahead.

Read through the billing policies carefully. We ask that you strictly adhere to this policy; we love our private teachers at Orbit and want to ensure both their success as well as that of the students!

  1. Please read through the billing and attendance policies below.
  2. Once you have read through the billing and attendance policies, please complete the agreement form that follows


Students should first contact their private teacher referred by Orbit to schedule a weekly lesson time. Once the lesson has been scheduled please register through the customer portal. If you are a first-time student, you will be registered manually by a staff member by emailing or calling the Orbit Office.


Lessons will be either thirty minutes or one hour in length.

COST (may vary)

  • $37.50 per half-hour lesson; $150.00 per month (for a 4-week month w/weekly lessons)
  • $75.00 per 1-hour lesson; $300.00 per month (for a 4-week month w/weekly lessons)
  • Dance private pricing may vary. Please confirm with your instructor.


Payment must be made in full on the first of the month following scheduled lesson months. For example: lessons taught for the month of September will be billed and due on October 1.

Please consider your lesson time a contracted time with your teacher. Payment is made for this contracted time. Please see make-up policy, below.


A Student may be offered two make-ups per semester for time billed for the contracted lesson time. Contracted lesson times will be billed regardless of attendance. It is up to the student and teacher to schedule and implement this make up lesson. Lessons should be made up within two weeks of absence. Teachers are not responsible for more than two made-up lessons per semester. Cancellations within 24 hours will be considered a “no-show” and the account will be charged the full price of the lesson and no make up lesson will be offered. Last minute family emergencies and illness may be excused at the discretion of the teacher


If a teacher cancels a lesson for any reason, this lesson will not be billed to the account for the month. This lesson may be made up for payment at the discretion of the teacher. This does not count as a student absence and will not be applied to the 2-make-up-count policy. Students may not cancel contracted lesson times (please see make-up policy, above).


If a student intends to discontinue lessons, thirty (30) days’ advanced written notice is required or a full month’s tuition shall be assessed (please see our financial policies).


Please be in open communication with each private teacher as students attend lessons each week. We appreciate and value your questions and feedback.


Regularity of practice and good concentration during practice times are absolutely essential to progress. Please set a daily, private period for practice.

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