Financial and Billing Policies

Financial and Billing Policies for Ongoing Semester- and Year-Long Classes

Orbit Arts Academy is waiving online registration fees for the 2024-2025 class year. Orbit believes in providing our customers the best quality training for an affordable semester tuition and will continue to provide this courtesy as long as possible.

At the time of registration, first month’s tuition will be charged to the payment method you have provided. For 2024-25 classes, at the time of registration, you will be charged tuition for the month beginning August 1. Monthly tuitions will then be charged for 2024-2025 class year on the 1st of each month through May 1, 2025. The first month’s tuition must be paid through your online account in order to secure your placement in desired classes. This does not apply to summer camps, masterclasses and special events which will need to be paid in full to secure registration.

2024-25 Yearly/Semester Tuition

Tuition is a year-long (school year) fee that may be split into 10 equal monthly installments. Orbit does not discount classes based on partial months, holidays, or students’ individual absences. Additionally, if you choose to pay for a full year of tuition, a 5% discount will be given (against tuition only; not costumes or performance fees). Please email if you wish to pay for the semester in full. State your indication in your email and please provide your name and contact information.

Tuition/Late Fee

A $15 late fee will be added to all semester tuition installment payments not paid 10 days after the due date in each month. If payment is not paid by the 1st of the following month, that class spot may be given to the next student on the waiting list.

Tuition is posted just before the first day of each month and a general email reminder is sent to all students/parents as a reminder that tuition has been posted and is soon to be charged. On the first business day of the month, tuition payments will run and your tuition will be charged to the payment method you have provided in your online account. Log into your online account to check your schedule and view transactions regularly.

Tuition is not prorated for absences, holidays or partial months. It is a semester-/year-long tuition.

Orbit Arts Academy will only send statements via email to delinquent or accounts with issues.

Accounts that are not reconciled by the 1st of the following month will result in the student(s) being dropped from our rolls. Students with reconciled accounts will have an opportunity to re-enroll in classes; however the desire to do so does not guarantee that the same class/schedule will be available. A re-enrollment fee of $20.00 will apply.

Accounts that become more than 30 days overdue will be considered grounds for collections action.

Declined credit card charges or bank drafts will be charged a $15.00 fee. Bank account and credit card information shall be current, active, and drawn on a local bank only. No out of state checking accounts will be accepted.

We honor Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

As a convenience, a credit card is required for registration and is kept on file in vaulted format in our database (the full credit card number is never available to anyone on Orbit staff). Anyone wishing to pay for monthly tuition or fees via an alternate form of payment (other than our auto draft payment system) should contact the Orbit office or email Persons wishing to pay for the semester in full (and receive a 5% discount on tuition) may do so by using an alternate payment method.

Please note there is a $25 fee for any returned checks.


Cancellation Policy

We hate to see you go, but realize that life happens. As a courtesy, we require students/parents/guardians give a thirty- (30-) day written notice of any intent to discontinue classes. Your withdrawal is not considered complete until you have received confirmation via email.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be responsible for the next month’s tuition payment if notice is not given before the first day of the previous month (for example, notice given on February 26th = no further tuition is due. Notice given on March 2nd = April 1st tuition will be due).


All installment payments will occur within the 1st of each month. Other miscellaneous charges—such as costumes and materials—will occur on the given fee schedule for the semester (notice of any performance fees will be communicated to students/parents well in advance).

Schedule Changes (Dropping/Adding/Transferring Classes)

If it becomes necessary for you to drop a class or add a class, these changes must be made by contacting the Orbit office.

To add a class, you will enroll in the class through your online portal.

You will receive confirmation of your change once it has been received and your account has been updated. Do not consider requested changes effective until confirmation by email has been received.

Please note that verbally dropping or adding a class or discussing this change with instructors does not make the change official. You must submit your request with the Orbit office.

Please note, class changes must be submitted by the 15th of the next month for the schedule change to be effective for the following month.

Class Changes and Tuition

If you drop one class and add another, it is considered a schedule change and no charge is incurred unless the new class is a different length of time than the class being dropped. For example, if you were taking a one-hour class and change to a one and one half hour class, your tuition would increase from the fee for a one-hour class to the fee for a one-and-a-half hour class.

If you are adding a class to your current schedule tuition will increase according to the posted tuition amount.

Other Financial and Billing Policies

Day camps, workshops and masterclasses are to be paid in full at the time of registration with any exceptions listed on our website.

Thank you,

Orbit Arts Academy Staff