Covid-19 Policies


The safety of our students and staff is our utmost concern. Below is a list of safety measures Orbit is making during this time:

Orbit has purchased the following equipment to aide in cleanliness and safety:

  • No-touch hand sanitizer dispenser
  • No-touch thermometers
  • Disinfection UV lamps for intermittent cleaning and daily evening cleaning
  • UV-disinfecting lamp box for cell phones (to ensure each teacher’s phone is clean before class)
  • Air purifier / surface sanitizer systems
  • EPA-/CDC-approved surface cleaner


Updated WINTER 2022 COVID-19 Policies


Due to the recent surge of Covid-19 in the Atlanta Area, Orbit is implementing the following policies for Covid Safety in our classroom environments. While this is not a major departure from Orbit’s original Covid protocol, we are asking parents and families to be a bit more hyper-vigilant regarding symptoms, protective wear and quarantine procedures when students become ill or are exposed.


While the current Omicron variant of Covid-19 does not seem to cause as severe an illness as other variants before it, it has been noted to be much more highly contagious. This is currently impacting both Staff and Students at Orbit.


Orbit plans to maintain in-person instruction as often as possible. We will continue to take the lead from Fulton County Schools with regard to being in person or on-line. Our desire is not to continue with a long-term virtual option, but we reserve the right to take classes on-line if student or staff illnesses begin to become a major issue. Our top priority is a safe and healthy environment for all staff and students.


Please use the following Protocol when attending classes at Orbit this Winter Season:


-Please DO NOT send students to class if they are exhibiting any type of cold symptoms. Runny nose, cough, fever, malaise, unusual stomach ache/symptoms. While we realize there are many common viruses out there during this season, it is difficult to differentiate COVID from a regular “cold” or “allergies” unless testing is available.


-Please Take your students temperature at home before sending them to class. They will also go through a temperature screening upon their arrival at Orbit. Any students registering a temperature will not be admitted.


-Please upgrade your current “cloth” mask to a medical grade protective mask of the n95, kn95,kf94 variety. While the cloth masks protect others, they do very little to protect your individual student from COVID. Wearing a medical grade mask purchased on-line or from a local pharamacy will help protect students during the current surge. There are many new and more “breathable” options available. MASKS WILL BE WORN AT ALL TIMES DURING CLASS AND WHILE IN THE STUDIO/FACILITIES.


ISOLATION: If a student tests POSITIVE for COVID-19 we are asking that they follow the current CDC guidelines by staying home in isolation for a period of 5 days from the positive test result. If the student is asymptomatic after 5 days they may return to class wearing a mask.


QUARANTINE: If a student is exposed to COVID-19 they may continue to come to class as long as they remain asymptomatic and continue to wear their mask. Please use your best discretion here and seek out testing if you feel that your student has been directly exposed to COVID.


As always, Orbit encourages vaccinations available from your local pharmacy or health care providers. We also encourage taking advantage of regular testing options.

Current (On-going)Class Protocols:

  1. No one other than the students and staff will be allowed into the studio, and the lounge area will not be open.
  2. Students must provide their own cloth mask for use during all classes.
  3. If students have a fever, cough or sneezing, they are not to attend class. This also applies if anyone in their household has a fever, cough or sneezing.
  4. Students will have their temperature taken before entering the building. An outside screening station has been established. There, students will check in, be screened, and then directed to class.
  5. Due to the restrictions on socializing, parents are asked to stay with students until they have entered the building. Additionally, we ask that parents please be at the studio, ready to pick up their children when the students are released from class.
  6. Students must wash hands and use hand sanitizer before and after each class.
  7. Class sizes will be limited for safety. 
  8. Staff will disinfect the barres, doorknobs, and other frequently touched surfaces between classes.
  9. All students attending classes at the studio will be required to sign an updated waiver/release form.
  10. Exterior doors and windows will be open and fans will direct air flow outside to improve ventilation (as weather permits).
  11. Water fountains will be unavailable—students must bring their own water bottles.