Orbit Jr.

The Orbit Junior Program offers fun and exciting classes for Kids ages 3 through the 5th grade who want to explore, create, and find their inner performer. This is a great place for kids to jump in with both feet and spread their wings in the Arts. It has been proven time and again that the performing arts develops physical skills, cognitive and critical thinking ability, social skills and breeds art and creativity, personal achievement, and self- esteem in the lives of children.



Using the ZOOM platform, teachers will bring their instruction right into the comfort of your own home! Take advantage of extra time during this period of responsible social distancing to increase your skill level, stay in shape and have fun!


“The Playground” is designed to be just that…a fun, tactile and exploratory experience for primary aged students through the 1st grade. The major emphasis is placed on using the imagination to create unlimited adventure.

Ages 5-7- ONLINE!

Wednesdays from 4pm-5pm April 1 through July 29

Instructor- Tatom Pender

Creating an inspired story line, learning to memorize a script, building a set and performing an original play are just a few of the exciting aspects to this course designed for older explorers. Through music, movement and active play students learn stage directions, character development and acting terms while engaging in imaginative story-telling.



Acting Out

Designed for students ages 7-10, this program continues the creative journey and encourages young performers to stretch their imaginations and develop their own special abilities. This is a great platform for students of varying levels and backgrounds to explore the arts, learn self-discipline, and the value of team work.

Ages 7-10- ONLINE!

Wednesdays from 5pm-6pm April 1 through July 29

Instructor- Tatom Pender

This fun and discovery-oriented class for elementary aged students will focus on a more in depth approach to using imagination and critical thinking skills to develop characters and cohesive story telling.  Learning to memorize a script, building a set and performing an original play are just a few of the exciting aspects to this course.  Each student will learn stage directions, improvisation, character development, and acting terms through interactive play with music, text, their voices, and their imaginations.



Musical Theatre!

Musical Theatre Prep Track and Activities!– Ages 7-12- ONLINE!

Wednesdays from 5pm-6:00 pm – April 1 through July 29

Instructor- Jillian Hanes-Murray

If you are interested in becoming a triple threat, this class is for you! Come explore & experience Musical Theatre and its unique performance demands. This class is designed to help students learn all of the essentials of musical theatre in a fun, creative and supportive environment. It will teach the fundamentals of using drama, song and dance to create characters and tell a story. Become a more versatile performer while studying Musical Theatre Dance incorporating Broadway styles,Vocal Performance, Diction, Theatre Techniques, Acting for the Stage, Character Development, Improvisation and Audition Techniques.