Ongoing Classes for 2018-19 Class Year




5:30pm-Acting (Ages 10-13)- Tatom

6:30pm- College Preparatory Program- Chris, Brad and Tony



4:30 pm- Advanced Acting- 13+- Brad

4:30pm- Ballet For Musical Theatre-13+ Antwan

5:30pm- Jazz Dance for Musical Theatre-13+- Antwan

6:30pm- Orbit Company- Chris, Tony, Jillian, Brad, Shane, Susan




1:00 pm- Ballet for Musical Theatre- Home School- Orlando

2:00 pm- Modern Dance-Antwan

3:00 pm- Jazz for Musical Theatre- Antwan

4:00 pm- Orbit Playground- Ages 5-7- Tatom

4:00 pm- Tap- Carson

5:00-6:30 pm- Advanced Scene Study- Ages 13+- Chris

5:00pm-Triple “T” Training Program – Tony, Chris, Jillian, Brad, Tatom, Shane

5:00pm-Acting Out (Ages 7-10)- Tatom

5:00pm-Musical Theatre Dance 12+- Jillian

6:00-7:30pm-Musical Theatre Prep Track (Ages 7-12)- Jillian

6:30-8:00 pm- Improv Technique and Troupe- 13+- Marc




4:00pm- Orbit PLAYGROUND (Ages 5-7)- Tatom

4:00pm-The Dance Factor-Musical Theatre Dance (Ages 7-10)-Staff

5:00pm-Acting Out Advanced (Ages 7-10)- Tatom

5:00pm-The Dance Factor- Musical Theatre Dance (Ages 10+)- Staff

6:00pm- Orbit Jr. Company- Chris, Tony, Jillian, Brad, Shane

6:00-8:00pm- The PRO-gram for Young Actors- (Ages 10-13)- Tatom and Orbit Staff




9:00am-The Dance Factor- Musical Theatre Dance- (Ages 10+)- Antwan

10:00am-2:00pm-Orbit Jr. Company- Chris, Tony, Jillian,Brad, Shane

10:00am- Orbit PLAYhouse Productions (Ages 7-12)- Tony, Brian, Chris and guests

10:00am-Build Your Best Audition Book 13+- Shane

11:00am-Acting Out (Ages 7-10)- Tatom

11:00am-Advanced Acting 13+- Brad

12:00pm-Orbit Company- Chris, Tony, Jillian, Shane, Susan

2:00pm-Acting 10+- Tatom